An inn that brings home Japanese culture, performing arts and hospitality to you

The Japanese "Sekitaitei Ishida" inn nestles in the southern Shinshu region of Nagano prefecture.
A hot spring inn built at Hirugami onsen with a concept embodying
"Yamatogokoro" (the Japanese sprit)" and focusing on Japanese architecture,cuisine and hospitality.
A sukiya-style building, which has inherited the beauty of Japanese architecture and graced with an extensive and breathtaking garden,
featuring exquisite coloring that changes from season to season.

Experience Japanese traditions in this inn

Hosted every night“Shishinden no Utage”

Our in-house Noh stage features a nightly "feast of Japanese culture", with a rota of different performers, generating a dream-like atmosphere.

Performing arts from the southern Shinshu region
This area boasts abundant folk performing arts handed down from yesteryear. Culture inherited from ancestors and preserved to the present to be celebrated and enjoyed to this day.

Four seasons at Sekitaitei Ishida

Seasonal events


2000 dolls decoration
(Mid-January ~ Early April)

Throughout the months until Spring, a decoration featuring around 2000 dolls is exhibited on the Noh stage.
(During this period, the performing arts section at Shishinden is closed)Decorative Japanese tradition with tsurushi bina and hina dolls.


The Star Festival wind-bell
(Early June ~ Early August)

The "wind-bell" is synonymous with summertime in Japan.
The entrance and lobby feature 1000 Edo wind-bells, while the comforting toll of the bells in the building helps intensify the atmosphere of Japaneseness.
The Edo wind-bell was originally made to resemble the Chinese lantern plant (plant of August), since "scarlet" and "sound" have been used to ward off evil from ancient times in Japan.


Kuriya 'bureiko' free and easy
(Around mid-September)

The appreciation of the traditional performing arts held nightly at the Noh stage of Sekitaitei Ishida, is relocated and performed at Kuriya Shrine during this period.
Up on stage alongside the Gods, the ceremony of "無礼講" ('bureiko') unfolds.


Hirugami Onsen "Yuyamorisama"
(December 1 ~ End of February)

※Otakiage ritual pyre:The day before the national holiday at the end of February or the day before the national holiday at the beginning of March
"Yuyamorisama" is stationed at the entrance; protecting the hot-spring area. Events close with the Shinto pyre ritual of "otakiage" and it is said-that placing the charcoal left on parts of the body will ensure sound health for one year.


The rooms are named after programs of "kyogen", which is a Japanese performing art.
Passages from the program are introduced on a scroll hanging in the alcove.



The hirugami onsen is renowned as a beautifying hot spring, with spring quality characterized by soft and smooth texture.
Facilities include an open-air bath garnished with blue and red stones of Japan and a spacious indoor bath.


Time to enjoy a spacious bath all to yourself.
※Reservations not required.
※Guests can enter free of charge when the bath is vacant.
※The open-air bath is not included.


Delicious food gathered from the mountains and villages, embodying the Shinshu nature. Our dinners feature the best seasonal cuisine, while we offer both Japanese and Western breakfast options.
Please confirm your preference when checking in, then relax and enjoy!



Hirugami Onsen Sekitaitei Ishida

Hirugami Onsen Sekitaitei Ishida

332-3 Chisato, Achi-mura, Shimona-gun, Nagano prefecture 〒395-0304


For details


  • What time do you open for breakfast?
    Breakfast is served from 8.00 or 8:30 am.
  • Do you have lunch?
    If you would wish to take lunch with us and inform us prior to check-in, we will try our best to accommodate you.
    *There are days when we are unable to provide such service due to group bookings or other circumstances.
  • Until what time can you serve dinner?
    Provided you arrive at the hotel no later than 19:00, dinner is available.*If your arrival time is later than 19:00, we may be unable to serve you dinner.
  • I have an allergy …
    If you can contact us in advance, we will do our best to assist.
  • Are there any non-smoking rooms?
    We are sorry,there are no non-smoking rooms.
    *There is a smoking space.
    *If you would like a non-smoking room we will deodorize the room.(Please contact us in advance)
  • Are there any single rooms?
    We are sorry, there are no single rooms.
  • Are there any Western-style beds?
    It depends on the room.Please inquire when making a reservation.
  • Is the toilet Western-style?
    All rooms feature Western style toilets with a washlet function.
  • Do you have a transformer?
    Unfortunately, this is not available.
  • Is the big bath open 24 hours a day?
    It is open from 4.30am in the morning to 1.00am at night.
  • Is mixed bathing possible?
    Our hotel does not have a mixed bath.
  • Do you offer a laundry service?
    Our hotel does not have a laundry service.
  • Is there any coin laundry near the hotel?
    There is no coin laundry near the hotel. The nearest is 10 minutes' drive from the hotel.
  • I have tattoos.
    Please refrain from using the public bath.
  • Are there any shops / vending machines?
    There is a shop next to the lobby.(Opening hours:7:00~20:30)There are no vending machines.
  • Is there a convenience store nearby?
    It is about 5 minutes on foot from the hotel
  • Can I use the Internet in my room?
    Free Wi-Fi available throughout the building. No password needed.
  • Please give details of access from the airport.
    <About 5.5 hours from Haneda Airport>
    Go to Tokyo via Tokyo Monorail or Keikyu line/JR line.
    From Shinjuku (Busta Shinjuku), take the Iida line highway bus and get off at Igara bus stop.
    From Igara bus stop, we offer a free shuttle service(Advance reservations required)

    <About 6 hours from Narita Airport>
    JR line to Shinjuku
    From Shinjuku (Busta Shinjuku), take the Iida line highway bus and get off at Igara bus stop
    From Igara bus stop, we offer a free shuttle service(Advance reservations required)
    <About 3 hours from Chubu International Airport>
    To Nagoya via the Meitetsu Line
    From the Meitetsu Bus Center. Take the high-speed bus on the Iida line and get off at Hirugami onsen or Komaba bus stop.
    From bus stop, we offer a free shuttle service.(Advance reservations required)
  • Can you pick me up from the nearest station?
    We will contact you by email etc. to confirm the time and place by the day before and provided confirmation is received, we will pick you up.
    If you can call from the station, we are happy to pick you up.
    *It takes around 30 minutes to get to the nearest station (Iida / Tenryukyo)
  • Can I check-in early? Can I check-out late?
    We are sorry, this is not possible.
  • Do you have a curfew?
    It's 0 o'clock. Our reception desk operates 24 hours a day.
  • Can I pay by credit card?
    Yes, this is possible.*Major credit cards only.
  • Can I use travelers' checks?
    We apologize, we cannot accept them.
  • Can I use Union Pay?
    Yes, this is possible.
  • Please offer a discount.
    I'm sorry but we cannot offer a discount.
  • Please extend the check-out time free of charge.
    Extension is not possible, regardless of whether payment is made.
  • Are there any tourist spots nearby?
    Tsumagojuku / Magomejuku / Tenryu River rafting / Cable car (Fujimidai highlands/Komagatake)
  • Where is the shuttle bus stop for the tourist area?
    You can take a shuttle bus to certain tourist spots from our hotel. Please contact the facility for details.*Advance reservations required (until early evening) Corresponding facilities:Tenryu river rafting, Tenryu rhine cruise, Heavens Sonohara (not open in winter), kabuchan-mura.